Taobao English

Taobao English

Taobao does not have an english version but shoppers from overseas or foreigners within China may use English translation tools when shopping in Taobao.

Taobao English: How to translate Taobao to English?

Easiest way to translate the whole webpage is by using Google Chrome browser which has built-in translation service. When you’re using desktop computer, google prompts you to translate page to English or you can simply position your cursor anywhere within the webpage and right click, then Translate to English.

In mobile, using Chrome App, also detects language in Chinese and asks user to translate Taobao to English. Simply click TRANSLATE at the bottom of the display.

Communicating with Sellers using AliWangwang Instant Messaging

If you want to ask Taobao Seller a question, bargain, or confirm anything prior to purchasing a product, you can initiate chat by clicking the blue water-drop icon which can be found anywhere in the website. If the icon is blue and bouncing, that means seller is online.

Questions you may want to ask the seller:

有现货吗?Do you have the goods?

我收到的产品会不会和照片一模一样? Will the one you send be the same as the photo?

颜色跟照片一样?  Will the color be the same?

还有什么要先确认吗? Is there anything else we need to confirm first?

For electronics and some other products:

有没有保修服务? Do you have a warranty policy?

You may also want to ask if the product is genuine, and how long it will take for your order to arrive.

If it is your first time to use the chat function, you will be asked to download and install AliWangWang, Taobao’s proprietary instant chat program. After successful installation, you need to restart your browser. Aliwangwang is also in Chinese, thus you may need to use Google Translate to help you go through the setting up process. Then log-in using your Taobao username and password.

AliWangWang Instant Messaging - Taobao English Guide

AliWangWang is developed by Alibaba Company which operates Taobao, thus sellers are strongly encouraged to have an AliWangWang account.

Majority of the Sellers in Taobao knows very minimal english, making it very difficult to communicate. Thus, to save you the hassle, you may avail of Taobao Agent Service, to do everything for you from purchasing, communicating to sellers, consolidating orders, packing to shipping to your address.

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