Taobao Dropshipping: How to dropship from Taobao to your Customer?

Dropshipping is a popular business model which you can start without having to spend so much capital. It is the perfect opportunity especially for young entrepreneurs to start their online business without the hassle of maintaining inventory. Small businesses could also incorporate dropshipping method to their existing online business and enjoy the ease of having your supplier or third-party fulfill the order for you. Taobao dropshipping may not be as popular as compared to aliexpress when it comes to this type of business strategy due to a number of factors like:

  1. Language barrier. Most Taobao sellers have very limited english. Good communication is a must with your supplier if you want to have a successful dropshipping business.
  1. Less to zero experience in International Logistics. Most Taobao sellers do not have the experience in international logistics.
  1. The difficulty of finding suppliers who can support your Taobao dropshipping business.

Taobao dropshipping

But great thing, there are reliable dropshipping agents in China who can help you. You need someone who has consummated countless international transactions and can offer you many shipping options. With volume of transactions, they normally get discounts from their partner couriers, and in turn, will benefit you by way of lower shipping costs. Taobao Age. is perfect example of Taobao Agent which supports Taobao dropshipping.

What is Taobao? is the most popular marketplace in China where you can find wide variety of products at very low prices. There is a reason why it is named Taobao. In Chinese, it means looking for treasures. Indeed, it is like a gold mine of shops for many shoppers like yourself.

Set your location to Mainland China

In looking for products to sell from Taobao, you need to set your location to Mainland China, to have more access to sellers and products at low prices. As we have said earlier, most sellers do not have the capability to deal with international customers so most likely they will be part of the pack of sellers targeting Mainland China shoppers only. Moreover, they already have a huge market in Mainland China alone as Taobao is the no. 1 online platform in China. On the other hand, sellers in world taobao are able to handle international transactions but the downside is they normally charge higher prices than their local counterparts.

How to get started with Taobao dropshipping?

Taobao dropshipping is made easy by Taobao Age. Simply order with us and we handle the rest for you from buying to shipping direct to your customer. Here’s how you can benefit in using Taobao Age:

  1. Very reasonable rate. With 5% of product cost, you can avail of the many services we offer to support your Taobao dropshipping business. We buy the product in your behalf and communicate effectively with your seller to make sure we get the exact product for your customer. Using our service, you will have easy access to more suppliers, products, as well as amazing deals in Taobao marketplace.
  1. Product Inspection. Our QC team carefully inspects each product to ensure it is in good condition and conforms to your specifications. We know how important customer satisfaction is for you as the key driver to your business success, and we are here to help you achieve that. Any issues discovered will be properly handled and timely resolved with your supplier.
  1. Consolidate. If your customer buys several products which can be bought from different suppliers, we combine them for you in a single elegant package without exposing your business strategy to your customer. We’ll remove price tags attached to the products, so your customer will never know much you have paid for them. Moreover, we can include marketing inserts into your package.
  1. Free Storage. While we are collecting your products from your suppliers, storage in our processing center comes free. Our warehouse is strategically situated in Guangzhou City, Guangdong China. Guangdong is a home to countless producers in China.
  1. Your brand on your package. You can make your product shipping more brandable by letting us add your business logo into your package. Just provide us a printable file and we can handle the printing here in China.
  1. International payment methods. You can make easy payments via Paypal or you can also pay us via Western Union, Bank Transfer, MoneyGram, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. You also get 2% cashback every time you fund your account thru Western Union or Bank Transfer with 1,000 USD or more. 
  1. Shipping direct to your Customer. We fulfill the order for you and ship direct to your customer. We offer variety of shipping options like SF Express, ePacket, DHL, FedEx, EMS, Aramex, and more. SF express is a low cost yet quality express courier to help you ship across over 50 global destinations, with delivery time of only 3 to 7 business days, depending on the location. It’s the best value-for-money shipping method for you.
  1. 24/7 Customer Support. Taobao Age. customer service team is available round the clock to support you, and help expedite your order fulfillment. Many satisfied dropshippers who works with us admire the dedication and kind of service that only Taobao Age. can offer.

It is a great time to start your Taobao dropshipping business now with Taobao Age. With Taobao Age. as your reliable partner,  you can invest more time in growing your business as we handle all the essential business process in China for you. This is our mission to make buying in China easy for overseas buyers like you. You can contact us by whatsapp +8618871488894, email [email protected], or via live chat in our website Get started now!


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    1. _ Customer Service Team _
      _ Customer Service Team _

      Dear customer

      1. You can buy minimum one quantity but please be informed that the shipping price for the first 500 grams is expensive compared to the price of every 500 grams after.
      It will be cost effective for you to collect more links in a single order, or in a separate order, then we combine them in a single package to ship as one, such that the shipping price will be commensurate for the purchased products.

      2. Is there any Free Shipping product to promote? Free shipping not available.

      3. For all ecommerce script, there is many functions to help drop shippers to automate their orders. from easy solution like emailing order pdf to supplier to full system connected to wholesale shipper system etc.

      A- you should first does 3 orders manually to test for a while, to understand our process and see what to expect :

      B- most scripts offer email to vendor solution some for free and some paid, you need to ask your tech guy to add it to your site, basically you need to tell them ” add email order to vendor” there are tons of readily made models which do that.

      If you can’t, we offer such service for a fixed rate of ( $149 ) we set this function on your site, it will be basic email, not complex system.

      our developer will pick right model and install it on your site. It should be an hour or less to set up.

      C- third case We have your account manger,one of Customer Service team, log on your site and copy order manually, fee of $5 for such thing for each order will be added. They will add order on our site under your email address so you get notification and that’s why you should do it manually to see the process first.

      Best regards
      Taobao Age

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