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When it comes to online shopping in Taobao from Australia, Taobao Age. is your Best Taobao Agent Australia optimizing your shopping experience.

Here’s how Taobao Age. makes your online shopping in China fast, convenient and secure.

Taobao Agent Australia


  1. You can buy in Multiple Websites like Taobao, Tmall, JD, 1688 and more!

We order your chosen products and have them delivered to our Warehouse in China where we assemble all your orders. We make sure all instructions and specifications are clear before buying, and communicate them effectively to Sellers.

  1. Free Product Search, Product Inspection

Our Shopping Team will do their best to find your requested product in China using our Free Product Search Service.

Once we receive your order in our Warehouse, our Team shall inspect each product carefully to make sure you get the right product, conforming to your specifications. If our quality team suspects nonconforming or defective product, we shall inform you immediately and provide you with photos, free of charge.

  1. Paypal, Bank Transfer, Western Union and Money Gram

We offer variety of payment methods for your convenience. You can choose from Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and Money Gram.

You may choose Paypal for fast, convenient, and secure payments. Using Paypal, you can easily pay with your bank card, and we can instantly confirm your payment, and process your order. Moreover, it has buyer protection to make you more confident in shopping.

  1. Combine Orders and save in Shipping Fee

You can combine orders from different marketplaces and vendors. You can save in international shipping as the first half-kilo is costlier than the succeeding halves. What more, we can add protection to your product like bubble wrap, as well as remove shoe boxes and packaging without any additional charge. If you have specific instruction about your parcel declaration, you can simply inform us anytime.

  1. We ship to your address in Australia, using our recommended Shipping Methods!
Shipping Methods to Australia

Delivery Time


DHL3 to 7 Working DaysDHL offers us discounts so you can save more in shipping with us to Australia.
FedEx3 to 7 Working DaysLike DHL, FedEx delivers fast and commendable service.
SF Express3 to 7 Working DaysSF Express is like the DHL of China which offers low cost express shipping service to Australia.
EMS7 to 10 Working DaysIt is a cheaper option to ship to Australia, and cost is based on actual weight only.
ePacket7 to 14 Working DaysePacket is ideal for small parcel, up to 2 KG.

We recommend the above shipping methods for their reliable service, and these methods have tracking system so you can track your shipment and check delivery status. To follow your shipment, we shall send you the shipping details and tracking number.

Moreover, our shipping partners offer us discounted rates because of our volume of transactions with them, so you can benefit with us from lower shipping cost. But if you have preference over another method, let us know and we can accommodate your request in shipping your orders.

  1. Taobao Age. offers Drop Shipping Services

Taobao Age. is your dropshipping agent in China to help you deliver products directly to your Customers. Take advantage of our drop shipping service now!

  • Shipping. We ship your orders directly to your customers.Your customers will never know about your Supplier.
  • Your own Branding. We can add your business logo.
  • Remove Price Tags. We will remove any price tags attached to the products.
  • Vast Supplier Network. No need to limit your suppliers to those who can dropship.
  1. Customer Service Team is available 24/7

Taobao Age. offers 24/7 Customer support. You’ll have our Customer Service Team right when you need them to cater to all of your needs, and help you expedite your orders.

With Taobao Age, you can just sit back and relax while we do all for you. This is how Taobao Age. optimizes your shopping experience! Shop in Taobao from Australia now with your Best Taobao Agent Australia.

Taobao Age. | Taobao Agent Australia

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  1. _ Customer Service Team _
  2. Oliver


    Looking for the new Supreme ‘The world is yours ‘ denim jacket or any NEW Supreme jacket from the latest season. I am a size S or M depending on what it is and if it’s ‘Asian’ sizing

    Can you please help me find and purchase one? I am struggling to use the website as it is not in English and google translate doesn’t work the best.

  3. || Customer Service Team ||
  4. Bobbie OShea

    Can i find reliable drop shippers with good customer service and returns if i want to sell fashion or fabric.

  5. _ Customer Service Team _
    _ Customer Service Team _

    Dear customer

    We are buying agent in China. We are not affiliated with, and our business is independent of Taobao. 

    For worry-free transaction, you can order with us and we handle the buying, checking, order consolidation and shipping for you, plus you get to enjoy more benefits:

    We inspect each product based on the specifications thru sensory evaluation using human senses such as sight, touch, etc, as applicable. But we cannot provide absolute assurance as to the quality of the product as it can vary from person to person. If you want to ensure your items, we can offer you pictures(1 USD/piece) of the items you ordered.
    As an intermediary, we do our part to request orders based on the links you send us, regardless whether it is genuine or not.

    This link will guide you how to do your order:

    Best regards
    Taobao Age

  6. Jasmine

    How can I cancel an order? I accidentally hit the submit button thinking that it would direct me to a confirmation page. My apologies for the inconvenience

  7. Customer Support
    Customer Support

    Dear Customer,

    Please leave comment on your order that you would like to cancel it.

    Have a great day!

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age

  8. Claire

    Hi this is my first purchase so I’m a bit concerned. I’d like to order office furniture to Australia from English taobao, but there isn’t weight showing all items so i can’t estimate for shipping, also I’m so nervous to pay first then wait to see the shipping options. Is there other way that i can order that i set addresse and shipping first then pay last? Thanks

  9. ''Customer Service Team ''
    Customer Service Team -

    Dear Claire,

    Your order is not in hand, so we cannot give the exact amount of shipping cost before purchasing. Once your orders arrive in our warehouse, we assemble them in one carton. Then we weigh the parcel.

    But you can estimate by going here:

    The Shipping estimate is meant to give you an idea of what fees to expect. Final rates can be determined once an order is placed and your final shipping quote is approved.

    Best Regards,

  10. loulabelle

    Hi, how about the tax? I think ship to Australia it will charge the tax with some amount. Can Taobao help to do not put the real price to avoid the tax?


  11. Customer Support
    Customer Support

    Dear loulabelle,

    The Importer is responsible for any additional fees that may be charged in the destination Country. Import duties and taxes, determined by the classification of a good, may be levied on the good(s) in accordance with each local Customs policies. Such additional fees do not form part of the price of our service, and shipping.

    For more information about that you may refer here:

    Best Regards,
    Taobao Age

  12. ~Customer Service Team ~
  13. Taobaoage Purchasing Team
    Taobaoage Purchasing Team

    Hi Ryan,

    If you mean the shipping rates, you may use our “cost and shipping calculator” in this link:

    If you mean agent fee, we charge 5% of item cost.

    For more information and help, you may place a new order, so that our customer service can assist you better

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Best regards

  14. Wing

    1. Could you tell us about your agent fee (in % or else) on our purchase?
    2. So there is NO way to buy online direct from TaoBao and use PayPal in Australia, correct?

  15. Customer Service Team ll
    Customer Service Team ll

    Dear Wing

    1-Our service fee is 5% of the product price, minimum order amount 100 USD covering purchase of your orders, checking, and re-packing in a new carton that has never been used before.

    2-What we do, we purchase the products instead of customers, assemble them in our warehouse, and check specifications, in terms of size and color, and we also check quality through sensory evaluation. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the product as it can differ from one person to another. Then we re-pack your orders in a single package to reduce shipping cost.
    You can pay us thru any of the available methods here:

    Best Regards,

  16. Taobaoage Purchasing Team
    Taobaoage Purchasing Team


    Can we have your order number?

    Kindly be noted that we are Taobaoage, not Taobao. If you order directly from, we will not be able to help as it is not our order.

    Best regards

  17. Bridget

    Hi, I wish to know if buying ceramic dining set with bowls and plates for 4 person abt 18 -20 pieces. The shipment will consider as general shipping or sensitive or special shipping? If consider as sensitive shipping are there any link to refer the pricing? As may afraid item broken in pieces. Please advise, thank you

  18. Customer Service Team ll
    Customer Service Team ll

    Dear Customer

    – the items are fragile and easily get broken during transportation. As we are a buying agent, we will not be responsible for the broken items that cause by shipping company.
    – Since the items are fragile, we can pack them with bubble and our purchasing team who determine the fee of this service .

    – You can check this link for shipping costs

    Best Regards,

  19. Delia

    I know this web site presents quality based articles or reviews and extra stuff, is there any
    other website which presents such information in quality?

  20. Customer Service Team ll
    Customer Service Team ll

    Hello Delia,

    We inspect each product based on the specifications thru sensory evaluation using human senses such as sight, touch, etc, as applicable. But we cannot provide absolute assurance as to the quality of the product as it can vary from person to person. If you want to ensure your items, we can offer you pictures(1 USD/piece) of the items you ordered.

    As intermediary, we do our part to request orders based on the links you send us, regardless whether it is genuine or not.

    Best Regards,

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