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by Julia on Taobao Age.

The people at TaobaoAge are great: prompt to respond, extremely reliable, and just wonderful to work with. They are also honest; not only was my money handled with utmost integrity, I was even warned that an item I was interested in might be a fake. I will definitely be back. Thanks very much to all of you!

Dear Julia

you are always welcome
Hope to serve you again very soon

Best Regards

by Dale Amparo on Taobao Age.

2nd order. Still superb service. Thanks Taobao

Dear Customer

You are always welcome
We are happy to serve you

Best Regards

by David Amparo on Taobao Age.

TaobaoAge is a legit and reliable operation. I ordered numerous items from different vendors with some changes being made in between but customer service was on top of all changes and requests. Customer service interaction is excellent,n sel relies are prompt and in point.

Honest operation. I quoted a wrong higher price for an item but taobaoagev still charged tree correct lower price in the final bill.

I recommend dealing with them

DCA, Manila Philippines

Hello David,

Thank you for your feedback and hope to serve you again soon

Best Regards

by Bijoux on Taobao Age.

Amazing service! Very accommodating and quick on response. A+

Dear Customer

Thank you, hope to serve you soon again

Best Regards

by Jeff on Taobao Age.

Hello and greetings! I just received my order – Fantastic! 4 out of 6 of the items surpassed my expectations for quality, just gorgeous hoodies and t-shirts, for a fraction of what I would pay in North America. Regarding my complaints, 2 of the shirts have extremely small "flaws" (if they can be called that), and, from what I understand, these slight anomalies that I see in the 2 shirts were well documented on Reddit by true rep aficionados, so they were not unexpected. The tiny variations are so minor (a slight difference in where the centre is split on the logo for the Sup/CDG Bogo shirts, which also vary slightly in the lgeit retail versions, would take the designer to tell the difference. And this is certainly no fault of the Agent of course. There are some great finds in the Taobao if you put in the time, and TaoBaoAgent seems to be a fantastic option as a third party between the Chinese underground fashion scene and a podunk hick like me from the frozen midwest Overall, I am extremely happy and hope to make another order soon. Well done TaoBaoAge! Nice work. Unfortunately, I think this great way of shopping may be slightly habit forming! LOLOLOL!

Hello dear!

It is our pleasure to serve you in your future purchases.
Have a nice day!

Best regards
Taobao Age

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